About me

Welcome to Allan’s Digital Media Memories. My name is Jacqueline Allan.

I started this business in 2007 at the suggestion of a family member. I am happy that I have followed through on the suggestion as it has been a very positive experience. I have been able to help people preserve their photographs, tapes and other materials while also learning about business and technology.

My business is built around helping families and people preserve their photographic and taped memories for their own purposes but for future generations. I have a passion for my own family, our history and our memories. I’m also a photographer: hence I have digitized much of my own material and certainly realize the value in doing so.

I focus on preserving the old tapes and pictures that families have: those boxes of pictures or tapes in your basement or closet. Another aspect of the business is genealogy: taking the digitized pictures and using them in the family trees I have created. I encourage people to save their memories for genealogical purposes so that future generations can know all about their ancestors.

I very much enjoy hearing back from clients who have been able to see old photos and hear old recordings that trigger wonderful memories. A client’s happiness is very important to me.

Attention to detail is my hallmark.



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