Still More Ideas

Here are some more ideas for using your digitally scanned photographs and negatives. Of course you’ll come up with dozens more!

  • Enjoy your scanned high-resolution photos again and again. No more hauling out the photo albums!
  • Is there a wedding or a life celebration coming up? Consider a professionally compiled DVD of treasured moments and beloved people to be presented at the event.
  • Enjoy your photos in pristine digital quality indefintely. No more scratching, fading and damage!
  • Enjoy your slides on your TV or computer. No more hauling out the slide projector and screen!
  • Your old home movies will gain a new lease on life when you can watch them as a professionally compiled DVD!
  • Print your photos as often as you want. No more searching for tiny, scratched negatives!
  • Print from those tiny negatives and slides as often as you want!
  • Reuse your photos in many ways – framed, in collages, scrapbooks, greeting cards, digital picture frames, slide shows, genealogy records and many more.
  • Share your photos easily with your friends via email or any of the photo sharing sites!
  • Make backup copies of irreplaceable photos and store them safely and conveniently.
  • Discover the pictures you’d forgotten you had in the bottom of that shoebox!

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