Video Conversion

We can create a custom movie of your scanned images or digitized tapes that can be played on your computer, device or TV.  If you have questions please contact us for a consultation and quote.

Video Conversions

VHS, camcorder tape (Hi8), & mini VHS & camcorder tapes

We scan these tapes to MP4 files in the NTSC format. The files are at 1080p quality which is roughly equivalent to 4K video. We will save your files on a USB flash drive, or another device of your choosing. We don’t recommend uploading to social media as the quality usually deteriorates.  We cannot copy protected material unless you have some proof of copyright.

Costs:  Basic digital conversion:  $40.00/tape. Damaged tapes often require multiple captures; the cost for tapes requiring multiple captures will be $45.00/tape as more steps and hence more time are involved. We can also create a proper movie with titles and music for an additional hourly charge of $75.00/hr. Please contact us for a quote.

Custom Videos, Movies or Shows

We can compile your images into an attractive slideshow complete with titles and background music. These are particularly popular at weddings, anniversaries, life celebrations and similar events. Pricing is by hour of production time, not running time.

If songs must be purchased (e.g. from iTunes) then you will be charged the purchase price (typically $0.99 to $1.29 per title).

DVD capture to USB flash drive

Will be done at $40/dvd on to a USB flash drive.  

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