Video Conversion

We can create a custom slide show of your scanned images that will play on any standard DVD player. We can also convert your VHS tapes and Hi8 camcorder tapes to DVD. Please contact us for a consultation and quote.

Video Conversions

VHS, mini video cassettes and Hi8 videotapes We can convert most NTSC (North American format) VHS tapes to DVD. We can also convert Hi8 (camcorder) tapes. Please note that copyrighted material will not be copied unless you hold the copyright. We cannot convert copy-protected material. Chapters and titling can be added for an extra charge.

Labour charge $40/hr

under 2GB: $20/tape
over 2GB: $30/tape
Movies on film (8mm only) We can arrange to convert 8mm movies to video. Some 8mm movies have a magnetic soundtrack; at the moment this cannot be captured. Please contact us for a quote. QUOTE
Movies on film – other formats: Super 8, 16mm etc.) We now have a source to convert these movie formats. Links to those services can be provided upon request. QUOTE

Custom Slide Shows on DVD

DVD Slide Shows We can compile your images into an attractive DVD slideshow,This will play on any standard DVD player. complete with titles and background music. These are particularly popular at weddings, anniversaries, life celebrations and similar events. Pricing is by hour of production time, not running time.

If songs must be purchased (e.g. from iTunes) then you will be charged the purchase price (typically $0.99 to $1.29 per title).


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