Genealogy – Preservation is Important

I have been blessed as being the keeper of the maternal and paternal genealogy material for my ancestors. This material includes pictures, certificates, keepsakes, diaries and other pieces of ancestral history. I have been given the honour of looking after these fortunes, the guardian of the family history. The maternal side I have forged ahead on my own with quite a bit of detective work; Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

The trees are created and now being filled out as time and information permits. The family trees are enhanced by the pictures and certificates I have scanned. Now that I can see an pictorial layout of my ancestors it has become intriguing to find out more about them. Fortunately in the stacks of material there is a lot of very useful information about my ancestors.

The reason I post this article is so that you will realize how important pictures, certificates and all “that other stuff” you have laying in boxes in your home is. When you come to do your genealogy you will want to include ancestors pictures and vital statistics (birth/wedding/death) in the family tree. We are here to help you digitize that material for your genealogical purposes as well as for looking at on a slide show or picture frame. We can also help you with your genealogy if you so wish.

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