Time versus money

When it is time to do your slides, negatives and photos the question will arise, how much money for all these slides (photos or negatives)?  I will be able to let you know the price per object so you can quickly do a calculation.   At that point I will let you know that there are two ways to approach having your phtographic memories digitized.  One way is to have us digitize everything and for you not to worry about sorting out all the photos you want.  The time it takes for the you to sort is your own time and labour, it reduces the cost of the overall project for you.  Can you afford that time and labour to sort?  That is a decision for you to make.

If you choose I will scan and digitize all the materials.  Once everything is digitized you will be able to see on a flash stick or DVD all of the negatives/slides/photos.  You can then choose what you wish to do with the pictures.  There are several options such as print, make a slide show or copy to another DVD to pass on to family.  Please go to the Ideas Page for more thoughts about digitizing the boxes of slides, negatives or photos that you have.

Please contact me if you have any questions or thoughts about your families memories.

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