Why Allan’s Digital Media Memories

In late 2007 a family member suggested that I use my passion for photography and combine it with the fact that I had some computer equipment.  Out of that idea Allan’s Digital Media Memories was formed.  I am very grateful for the suggestion as it has been a very positive business.  The business has always earned money in the intervening years although some years a little slower than others.

While digitizing peoples tapes and pictures I have learned a great deal about the finer points of Photoshop, scanning, websites and many other factors that make for a better product for the customer.  I am thankful for advice from two of my closest friends, Stephanie and Terri as well as my son James.  All of these people have contributed to making the business a positive venture.  Certainly starting ones own business is a challenge, especially when that has not been part of ones life.

One of the positive offshoots of the business has been reinforcement of my passion for genealogy.  I have been gifted with two buckets full of materials from my paternal and maternal families.  I have now created family trees for both complete with information and pictures.  It is quite interesting to add a photo to an ancestors identity in the tree; a face to a name.  I have been able to add pictures from as far back as the mid 1800’s.  Part of the genealogy is my attachment to certain ancestors.  I have several on both trees that I am attached to or interested in their lives, enough to go the extra distance to know them better.  Genealogy is certainly part of my life and my digital business.  Perhaps I will blog more about genealogy in the future.

Preserving families valuable tapes, pictures, slides, negatives and other materials is the prime focus of Allan’s Digital Media Memories.  I believe in preserving these materials for future generations to see and for current people to have access to the same.  I have heard many times how much fun it is see digitized tapes or pictures.  In conjunction with digitizing materials goes the production of movies or slide shows for business or team  celebrations or end of life celebrations.  The business has been able to do these for quite a few clients with great success.  Ideas and possibilities are unlimited, if you are reading this and you believe you have something that you would like try, please contact us.  We are always open to new ideas!!

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