Interesting challenges

One of the reasons for Allan’s Digital Media Memories are the interesting challenges that the business brings. Some challenges are from the actual running of the business, as a for instance, learning about the various legitimate income tax write offs.  In learning about the write offs I have become more conversant with spreadsheets and all that they can accomplish.  I am sure there will be more learning ahead when it comes to running the business.

One of my recent clients (the Cammack family) had requested I digitize many old audio reel to reel tapes.  This was a new challenge although I am familiar with reel to reel decks.  It has been fun as many of the tapes are older, some have twists and breaks in the tape and a few have been in poor shape.  I have already sent the family some initial tracks so I am hoping they will find hearing old voices and music to their liking.  Interestingly, long ago, people would record small tapes with their voices and send them back and forth to stay in touch; an earlier version of texting :-).  I have also put together a video for a family members birthday party. The video turned out to be a great success especially since it honoured a older family member.  The challenge in doing this video was to have it play on a 60″ tv screen and to have all the pictures look as good as possible. Turned out to be a great success, quite pleased with the end result.

Please get in touch with me if you have something that needs digitizing or if you would like a slide show or movie video created.  I like new and interesting tasks.

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