Train Show and Allan’s Digital Media Memories

One of my life long passions has been trains.  It is most likely my father who has instilled this love for trains as he would take me to see trains and he had a HO train layout that he created.  I have attempted a few train sets over the years but not with any great success.  I love seeing the real thing as well as interesting pictures of many different types of trains.

For a few years I would go to a model train show with a friend who belonged to club that would put a huge module out for display.  Then I lost interest and or life just took over.  These past few months the love for trains has been rekindled and I have decided to combine the business with my love for trains.  This same train show that I went to is still running so I have placed a business ad in their brochure and as well have offered a door prize.  Here is the url for the train show in case you are interested:    I am hoping to attend one day and possibly take my grandson, could be a lot of fun.

It makes me happy to be able to combine things that I love, in this case the business and trains.

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